Wedding Package


Pine Creek Country Inn offers facility choices from our Outside Patio area to our Gazebo and Deck

including Waterfall I and Waterfall II to accommodate your event up to 300 guests.


Our Wedding/Reception Package includes:

* Gazebo for Outdoor Ceremony

* Columns and Greenery Decorations

* All Linen (White) for Guest Tables

* Table Skirting, Serving Table and Cake Displays

** Centerpiece Options Available for Rental Fee **

(Click to View)

* Silver Serving Dishes

* Plates, Silverware and Linen Napkins

Wine & Champagne Glasses Now Available To Rent For Your Event:

*Wine Glasses $4.25 Per Dozen / Champagne Glasses $3.75 Per Dozen

Rock Glasses $3.75 Per Dozen*

* Professional Service Personnel

* Rehearsal Time


Should you want to decorate the day before your event, and if the room has not been rented prior

to, there will be a $500.00 rental fee. Additionally, the day of the event, the heat/air

conditioning will not be turned on until 3 hours prior to the arrival of the cake(s).


* Guestroom # 20 will be given to the bride 3 Hours prior to the ceremony for her changing purposes and

Must Be vacated no more then 1 Hour After Ceremony. The Groom and his party will be provided the

large restroom in our Main Building for their changing purposes.


***Sales Tax of 7.25% and 15% Gratuity Will Be Added to All Food and Beverage**

* Food Selections are an additional cost and are NOT included in the Package Price. *



Wedding Package Rates


Up To 50 Guests.... $1,600.00

51 -  75 Guests.... $2,000.00

(The above packages can be in Waterfall 1 or 2 with no dance area; if you wish to have

dancing space you will need to go to the next package price of $2,200.00 in order to

accommodate for this additional space.)

76 - 100 Guests.... $2,400.00

101 - 125 Guests.... $2,700.00

126 - 150 Guests.... $3,000.00

151 - 200 Guests.... $3,300.00

201 - 300 Guests.... $3,600.00



***Sales Tax of 7.25% and a 15% Set-Up Fee Will Be Added to Package Price***


Guests will be counted as they enter the reception area. Any number of guests exceeding the guaranteed

number and if this count moves you to a different level, you will be charged immediately on the credit card

on file.


Food Options

We will be happy to accommodate any special food requests you might have.

Please click to view our menu options below:

Dinner Menu

Hors D'Oeuvres Menu


The ONLY food item permitted to be brought in will be the cake(s). Due to Health Department codes and

liability, no overages of food will be permitted to leave the Main Building.

**Food Selections are an additional cost and are NOT included in the Package Price**


What is Not Included:

* Food

* Wedding Flowers
* Ceremony Chairs

* Cakes, Toppers and Stands

* Arch and Candelabra Decorations

* Unity Candle

* Guest Book and Pen

* Music

* Ribbon

* Photographer

* Minister





Your first deposit of 1/3 (one-third) is required at the time your reservation and is non-refundable.

The remaining balance is due PRIOR to your event.

No Checks Accepted.

Any additional charges incurred due to changes will be taken care of prior to the event.


All Balances (Other than Bar Charges) are Due

No Later Than the Day PRIOR to the Event

** Monies payable by Credit Card, Cashier's Check or Cash Only!**


*** Due to the additional time, energy and efforts that are required when a Professional Bridal

Coordinator is brought in, there will be a $200.00 fee paid to

Pine Creek Country Inn.***



Bring in your

own beer or

wine and we

will be more

than happy to

serve you!


$100.00 For the 1st 3

hours and $45.00 for

each additional.