Banquet Dinner Menu

Soup or Salad Choices:

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber Salad    3.50
Caesar Salad    5.50
Pine Creek House Salad   3.50
Chilled Romaine Wedge with Bleu Cheese Crumbles   4.00
Sliced Tomato and Onion and Fresh Basil with House Dressing   4.00
Baby Greens with Grape Tomatoes   3.75

Homemade Chicken Noodle   4.00
Vichyssoise (Hot or Chilled)   4.00
Tortilla Soup   4.50
Baked French Onion Soup   4.50


One Half Grilled, Baked or Barbecued Chicken   $14.00
Breast of Chicken with Mushroom and Sherry Sauce   $16.00
Coq au vin - Chicken, Onions, Mushrooms, Tomato and White Wine   $16.00
Roasted Cornish Hen   $16.00
Chicken Fried Steak  $14.00
Beef Bourguignon  $15.00
Ribeye 14 oz.   $25.00
Grilled 12 oz. New York Strip  $25.00
Grilled 8 oz. Beef Tenderloin   $30.00
Served with Bordelaise, Au Poivre, Bearnaise  Add $2.00
Tenderloin of Beef Wellington with Madeira Sauce   $32.00

Roasted Pork Loin   $16.00
Roasted Pork Loin with Capers, Olives and Shallots   $17.00
Medallion of Pork Normande $18.00

Roasted Rack of Lamb with Aromatic Herbs   $23.00
Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary   $20.00

Pan Seared Salmon   $16.00
Jumbo Shrimp with Sautéed Garlic   $26.00
Duo of Salmon and Shrimp, Butter Sauce   $25.00

Starch - Choose One

Parsleyed New Potatoes - Herb Roasted Potatoes - Au Gratin Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes - Rice Pilaf - Black-Eyed Peas - Baby Peas

Vegetables - Choose One

Creamy Cabbage - Sautéed Cabbage - Tomato Zucchini Cheese Bake
Sautéed Green Beans - Baked Tomato - Snap Peas and Carrots
Spicy Ratatouille "House Specialty" - Cauliflower Mornay

Mexican Buffet #1

Chicken and Beef Fajitas, Cheese Quesadillas, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans,
Homemade Pico De Gallo and Guacamole, Sour Cream, Chips and Condiments

$21.00 Per Person

Mexican Buffet #2

Beef Tacos, Cheese Quesadillas, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, Homemade
Pico De Gallo and Guacamole, Sour Cream, Chips and Condiments

$19.00 Per Person

Italian Buffet #1

Lettuce, Tomato Cucumber Salad and Condiments, Stuffed Green Peppers
and Stuffed Tomato with Marinara Sauce, and Homemade Lasagna Served with French Bread

$21.00 Per Person

Italian Buffet #2

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber Salad with Condiments, Penne Pasta with
Homemade Marinara and Alfredo Sauces and Blackened Chicken Slices served with French Bread

$19.00 Per Person

BBQ Buffet

One Meat  $20.00 - Two Meats  $22.00  - Three Meats  $24.00 Per Person
BBQ Chicken, BBQ Brisket, Sausage, Country Style Ribs served with Potato
Salad, Baked Beans, Coleslaw and Condiments including Onions, Pickles,
BBQ Sauce and served with White Bread


Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis   $3.75
Apple Pie  $2.75  A la Mode    $3.00
Ice Cream Melba - Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberry,
Raspberry Coulis, Toasted Almond and Chantilly Cream   $4.00
Homemade Flan with Caramel Sauce   $3.00
Carrot Cake, Strawberry Cake or Chocolate Cake  $3.75
"Grandma's Recipe" Bread Pudding or New Orleans Breading Pudding with Sauce   $4.00

Choice of Beverage

Coffee/Tea Included
Soft Drinks or Bottled Water $1.50 Per Person

Sales Tax 7.25% and 15% Gratuity Will Be Added To All Food Beverage

All Prices Subject To Change