Group Rates

(per person)

Weekends are 2 night minimum
$70.00 per person / per night
(Must be 3 ppl to a guestroom room) Ask about this...

Includes Lunch or Dinner based on $18.00 pp
and a Full Country Breakfast Buffet

Room: $70.00 plus tax (6%) of 4.20 = $74.20
Meal: $18.00plus tax (7.25%) = $1.31
Gratuity on Meal: (15%) = $2.70

TOTAL: $78.21  per person / per night
all inclusive on Group Rate

ages 0-5 no-charge
ages 6-10 half-price

Common Room available at $50.00 per day

Separate Kitchen Facilities
available at $25 per day


Rack Rate

(per room)

$115.00 (tax incl.) per room 2-ppl to a room, extra charge of
$10.00 per night for each additional person to cover
services and Full Country Breakfast

>>> Does not include Lunch or Dinner <<<
Includes Full Country Breakfast

Meals would be $18.00 pp plus Tax $1.31 and Gratuity
$2.70 pp so total of $22.01 pp



Dinner $22.01 pp
Breakfast $8.04 pp